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Your flyer said anyone up to High School age can play, can High School kids play?
Yes!! Anyone up to and INCLUDING high school age can play.

Do I have to be a member of U.S. Chess Federation to play in your tournaments?
No. USCF Membership is not required. If you would like information about the USCF, just ask at the tournament. In the future, we may have sections of an event that are only for USCF members, so you could play USCF rated games and hopefully add to your rating. Also, if you are a already a USCF member and have a rating please let us know that, so we can better place you with kids of your same strength.

Do I have to use (or bring) a chess clock in your tournaments?
No. We will have several clocks available. If both players in a game would like to use one then they can use one. Otherwise one is not required from the start of play. If a game is taking a extended period of time, such that it is holding up the directors from starting the next round of play, we may place a clock on a game to ensure that it finishes in a reasonable amount of time to not hold up the rest of the tournament.

Must I write down or record the moves of my game?
This is not required. Although, recording your game and re-playing it will improve your game. Scoresheets will be available if you would like to record the moves of your game. Also, I will be happy to publish any game on this web site, if you provide me with the scoresheet. If time allows in between rounds or after the tournament is over, I would be willing to go over your game, show you where you could improve and help you get better.

Do all the rules of chess apply, including "en passant"?
Yes. All tournament play will be covered by the official USCF rules. This will include "touch move"! If you touch one of your pieces, you MUST move it, and no "take-backs"! If you have any question about a move (either yours or something your opponent did) please raise your hand and a tournament director (TD) will be there to assist you. The TD will allow you to explain the problem and want to hear both sides. Then the TD will rule on the issue.

If I lose my first game am I out of the tournament?
NO! You will play all your games regardless of whether you win or lose, these are not knock-out tournaments. If the tournament is for 6 rounds, you will play 6 games. The only exception will be if we have an odd-number of players (since it takes two to play a game). Then one person may have to sit out ONE round, but it will count as a free win!

Do I have to bring a chess set and board?
No. We should have enough chess sets and boards to handle everyone.

Do I have to sign-up before the tournament?
No. You can just show up and register when you get there. You must signup before registration closes however, as once we start making sections/paitings, it is very difficult to insert players.

Do my parents have to stay the entire time?
That is up to your Mom and Dad. We will have a separate area available for them to watch and read a book or something. If your parents are going to leave you at the tournament for an extended period of time, we will require emergency contact information, just in case. We will not be able to supervise all the kids all the time.

What does it cost to play?
We only charge what is necessary to cover the total cost of the awards. Currently the entry fee is only $10.00